Deadly Choices

Mulungu Aboriginal Corporation Medical Centre

Deadly Choices

Deadly Choices is a health promotion initiative that began in South East Queensland but has expanded throughout Queensland and Australia.

It aims to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices for themselves and their families – to stop smoking, to eat good food, and exercise daily.  Deadly Choices also encourages our people to access their local Community-Controlled Health Service, such as Mulungu, and complete an annual ‘Health Check’ – not just to see the doctor when they are sick. Prevention is better than treatment.

The initiative incorporates a successful behaviour change program that includes The Healthy Lifestyle Education Program. This program is a chronic disease prevention and education course developed by the Deadly Choices team to empower young people and communities to make healthy choices.

The program covers eight key health areas:

  • leadership;
  • chronic disease;
  • tobacco smoke;
  • nutrition;
  • physical activity;
  • harmful substances;
  • healthy relationships; and
  • access to health services and the importance of health checks.


The program was developed to be delivered in almost any community setting including primary schools, high schools, health groups, and youth centres. The content is simple and easily adaptable to a group’s specific needs.

Upon completion of the Deadly Choices program, participants are rewarded with Deadly Choices merchandise. The criteria for rewards includes: full attendance at the Deadly Choices program, good behaviour.

For school students, rewards include a Deadly Choices shirt, chances to win further rewards, and opportunities to participate in end of school year camps.

For more information, email  or phone (07) 4086 9200 and ask about getting the Deadly Choices Healthy Lifestyle Education .