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WannaBe Officer

Position Type
Full Time


To work within the Mulungu’s multidisciplinary team to deliver the WannaBe Program. This program is an outreaching service to the homes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait children to engage and support families to engage with and support their children’s education.
To work closely with local schools and key education providers in order to work towards improved educational outcomes for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander children/students. You will focus on engaging and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students/children and families to improve school attendance, school readiness, and school attainment. Through the use of coaching methodologies, you will assist clients to develop a long term vision and strategic direction. To follow through with clients, staff and other services to ensure clients continued progression. The role will facilitate the development of a client action plan and will work alongside clients, using sound coaching principles and techniques, to guide the progression of activities.